Central Columbia Class of 1970

This is the class photo for Espy First Grade class in 1958-1959. They would be Central Columbia Class of 1970. We have identified several of the children in the photo. If you can provide additional identification or corrections, please contact the webmaster at danigenie@verizon.net. Top Row L-R: ?, ?, Carol Bowman, ?, ?, Bob Gordon. Second row: Jimmy Reifendeifer (dec'd), Chuck Lowe, ?, ?, ?, Elroy Karnes. Third row: Debbie Harter, ?, Wally Crossley, Carl Mensch, Nick Koban, Judy Schweitzer, Nick Koban(?), ? Fourth row: ?, Kathy Davis, ?, ?, Jean Pegg, Denny Hrinda, ?, ?, ? Fifth row: Jim Dawalt (dec'd), Jim Hornberger, Mark Cronover, Sally Darlington, ?, ?, ?, Rick Hock, ? Many thanks!

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