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This database contains over 40,000 references to selected Columbia County newspaper headlines (1802-2001), reference books, pamphlets and scrapbooks, county histories (Battle, Beers and Freeze), church records, family histories and many others. See bottom of page for reference list. The Search for People, Places and Events field can be used for a name, a place, an event, a building, etc. Example: entering “school” returns 2765 records. Further limiting the results by entering “Madison” in the Table Search field returns 37 records, all referencing school and Madison.

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People, Places and Events

Name,Place,Event Day Month Year Subject Source Citation
  1. Database of Historical Dates for Bloomsburg Bicentennial Calendar.
  2. Tracking Yesterday by Ted Fenstermacher (articles on local history).
  3. More Tracking Yesterday by Ted Fenstermacher (articles on local history).
  4. Columbia County Place Names by Walter Brasch.
  5. Susquehanna Valley – A Pictorial History (Millennium Edition) by the Press Enterprise.
  6. Susquehanna Valley – A Pictorial History (1995) by the Press Enterprise.
  7. Paging Through the Past by the Press Enterprise.
  8. A History of Columbia County, Pennsylvania by John G. Freeze (1883).
  9. History of Columbia-Montour Counties (1887), by J. H. Battle.
  10. Historical and Biographical Annals of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, J.H. Beers & Co. (1915).
  11. The Future Comes to Columbia County : The Era of the Trolleys: 1901 to 1926, by Robert Dunkelberger.
  12. In Memory of Our Honored Dead Souvenir Program, World War II Heroes of Columbia County.
  13. Discovering Bloomsburg, 2002, Edited by William M. Baillie.
  14. Souvenir Book of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania (1901).
  15. Souvenir Book of Benton, Pennsylvania (c. 1900).
  16. International Magazine (1910).
  17. Pioneer Families of Northern Columbia County: Articles by Kenneth Yocum and Others, Edited by Ann Brandt.(CCH&GS)
  18. Personal War Sketches of Civil War Soldiers in the G.A.R. Memory Book, Bloomsburg, Ent Post.
  19. A Hand Book of the Bar of Columbia County by John G. Freeze, c. 1905.