Since the Society does not have a paid staff, it relies on the work of its volunteers to provide the research service.

The service includes genealogical and historical research subjects depending upon the number of available volunteers, kind of research, and the amount of time to complete the specific project. The researcher will utilize various resources available in the Society’s library collection. The following are some examples: county histories, family histories, church records, cemetery records, surname files, tax lists, census records, naturalization records, death and marriages notices from certain county newspapers. This list does not mean to imply that the research would necessarily be limited to those items enumerated.

Society is also instituting a new research service limited to finding the following records in the Columbia County Courthouse: marriage licenses, wills, and deeds.

Please be complete in providing the information requested on the historical, genealogical, Columbia County records research forms. A full and detailed description of your research request is very important in helping the researcher to find the information you are requesting.

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