Chuck Ward

Pennsylvania Archives – Soundex code Maybe everyone else knows the code but it was new to me. While searching I came across a page that outlines the code used. If you go to any letter that is using soundex you should see that every last name has a three digit number assigned. The number assigned ignores the first letter since you are already looking on that list and then all the vowels and H, W and Y. There was also some additional items about H, W, or Y seperating two letters (I’ll try to find this page again) The points are as follows: 1 – B, F, P, V 2 – C, G, J, K, Q, S, X, Z 3 – D, T 4 – L 5 – M, N 6 – R It only uses the first three letters that are listed above. As an example: HARTZEL – ignore H and A. R = 6 and since it is the fist the total is 600. The nest is T = 3, the second digit so now we are at 630 and finally Z = 2 so 632. Sure enough it worked. Makes things much faster.

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