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We are researching my husbands family who were early settlers in the Columbia Co. area. We are looking for information on John Keeler c. 1764-c. 1850 and his son Benjamin Keeler. John arrived in the county around 1795-1800. I believe Benjamin was born there but can verify that. John was married to Elizabeth Smith. Benjamin was married to Julian Robins (could be Julia Ann Robbins) I believe Benjamin was born sometime around 1799 and died in 1841. I am trying to connect the two for my SAR application. I have information showing them in the same area and the same page of a couple of census. I used portions of the book written by J.H.Battle but SAR wouldn’t use the information because the author was not of the same era. Do you have a vertical file on the Keelers? Before moving to PA from NY John Keelers oldest son Ebenezer was baptized in the Presbyterian Church in Goshen NY. Do you have any church records, obits, wills, land records anything that might tie the two together a little better than what I have. John Keeler late in life moved to Sullivan Co. and is buried there. I found information on Benjamin stating he was the Postmaster I believe in Benton on June 3, 1837.
Please let me know what the charges will be and I’ll get a check out to you. We are members also of CCHGS. I have quite a bit I am going to order from what I could find in the online data base but nothing that appears to put the two together in a way that would be acceptable for SAR. I’m not sure how far back your newspaper records go maybe there’s something there. Thank You very much for your help. We actually were in Benton last year in August but came on a day that you weren’t open and then we didn’t make it back before we left.
Sincerely, Bruce and Shirley Hunsperger, PO Box 35 Bertram Tx. 78605, [email protected]

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