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steam laundry-sJust wanted to let you know about the membership incentive we’re offering the month of June. We’re excited to share the wonderful benefits of belonging to the CCHGS: quarterly newsletter, discounts on publications and photos, and free access to our extensive research resources! Anyone who joins during June will receive a certificate for a free matted 5 x 7 photo from our extensive collection. Once you receive your certificate, just go to our website¬†and click the Search Databases Tab. You will see our Photographs choice underneath. Choose a topic or name to search for in the description and see if we might have any photos you would be interested in. Just print our order form including the number of the photo you’d like, attach your certificate and mail it in. Within a week to 10 days it will be filled and sent to you or you can come in and pick it up. Watch this space for another fun incentive for July!

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