Nancy Johnson

I am trying to identify the parents of STEPHEN COOK JOHNSON (1805 Coventry, Kent, RI – 1862 Light Street, Columbia). I believe they were Elisha Johnson & Elizabeth Ellis but need to confirm it. I have his Bible (1828); however, the postings begin with him and his wife and her brother, Isaac. He was married in 1832 in Beach Haven, Luzerne. He was a miner and then a digger of wells. His sons Samuel Bettle Johnson and Mason Creery Johnson moved to Berwick to work at the American Car & Foundry. I believe that there are most likely descendants living in Light Street and Berwick. I’d love to make contact and see what information you might have. Tk you. Likewise, I’d like it if CCHGS would check to see if they have any family Bibles. I am a Society member but live in FL.
Nancy Johnson

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