Some Prolific Letter Writers of WW-I

Mark Fritz, editor
The 11 prolific letter writers in this book were local Columbia County “boys” who served in World War I. They wrote home dutifully to their parents and to their hometown newspapers, from which these letters have been culled. A follow-up to the previously published Letters Home-WWI, this book presents more letters by fewer writers, thus providing a more in-depth look at the experiences of a few (11). Readers get to follow these guys’ military careers from training to “crossing the pond” to trench life to battle stories about time spent “in the fray” to armistice celebrations and occupation duty along the Rhine. These letter writers were often honest and forthright, sometimes eloquent, and sometimes humorous. Readers will get so much detail that they may feel like they know these men by the time they finish reading their personal letters. Here are century-old documents, first-person accounts of the war to end all wars.

8.5 x 11-inches, softbound, 246 pages, with hundreds of photos, posters, paintings, maps, etc. ( illustrations on nearly every page). Also, a helpful appendix, helpful sidebars, and an index of local soldiers mentioned.

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