The Whipple Gang: The Wild West in Central Pennsylvania

By W. M. Baillie

Here are true stories of a gang of horse thieves who ravaged over a dozen counties in Pennsylvania in the last half of the Nineteenth Century. Like typical Western movies, the chapters are full of rustling, wild chases, gunfights, and daring jail escapes. The tales focus on three Whipple brothers who separately all met the same grim fate: shot by a constable while fleeing arrest for stealing horses. Featuring typical figures from the American Wild West--outlaw, gang, moll, lawman, squire—the narratives paint a vivid picture of life on the fringes of “polite society” at the start of the industrial age in America. The accounts are based on over 500 contemporary articles from local newspapers.

Paperback, 5” x 9”, 140 pages, maps, 20+ illus., index.
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