Photos of the Month

June 2013

Bloomsburg State Normal School

Bloomsburg State Normal School class of 1900 during the spring of 1899. Donated by Dick Wenner.

May 2013

M. P. Whitenight's Tractor Sales

Whitenight & Kschinka, Retailers and Jobbers, sold "The Best of Everything for the Farm" from the early 1920's until at least 1950. Mathias P. Whitenight partnered with Fred Kschinka for many of those years at 7th and Market Streets in Bloomsburg. This photo shows him in business by himself selling tractors and farm implements.

April 2013


This is one of a dozen Multiplex cars built between 1911 and 1913 at the Multiplex plant, 600 Fowler Avenue, Berwick. Clarence Crispin, engineer, designed and built the cars at this facility. Since the cars were expensive to manufacture, Crispin proposed that the American Car & Foundry plant build them, but the Board of Directors declined, as they were of the opinion that automobiles wouldn't catch on. Crispin sold the cars he built and discontinued the venture.

November 2012

Exchange Hotel, Bloomsburg, Circa 1895

Photo shows the unpaved street, horse and carriage, and several shop signs. Sign at far end reads "Hot and Cold Baths". Window dign reads "William H. Slate Successor to W.H. Brooke & Co. Books and Stationary."

October 2012

The Owl Club

The Owl Club, later known as the Areme Club, dressed as owls for the first Catawissa Halloween, the first of which was held in 1907. During the early years some of the finest marching bands in the state originated in Catawissa, among the earliest of these were the Spanglers and the Owls Clubs. When these two clubs made their first appearance, it marked the beginning of a rivalry that continued for many years. As the trend spread, with other towns beginning to observe Halloween and organizing marching clubs, spectacular costumes began to appear. For many years the Spanglers and the Owls Clubs competed in various cities and were always among the winners in the parades, their unique costumes drawing applause and admiration. (Source: A History of Catawissa Pennsylvania, 200th Anniversary).

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