Photos of the Month

August 2022

Main Street Bloomsburg

Leiby's Hotel (Martha Washington), Walker's Jewelers on West Main Street, Bloomsburg, August, 1956. #38-0295

July 2022

Independence Day

4th of July parade in Jamison City, 1904. #15-0019

June 2022

First Locomotive

Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad. First locomotive for the Bloomsburg & Sullivan Railroad, June 13, 1887. #48-0179

*Correction to Bloomsburg & Sullivan Railroad. Thanks to several eagle eye readers who caught my error.

May 2022

On the Getz Farm

Feeding the Leghorns at the Getz Farm, May 1941. #01-1174.

April 2022

Maple Syrup Time

Unloading sap to make maple syrup on the VanSickle Farm, April, 1940. #01-1074

March 2022

March 1904 Flood in Espy

Flood waters in Espy, March 1904. Trolley tracks shown in the street with electric line above. Small sign on the right, "Ice cream and milk shake." Photo #30-0916

February 2022

Centralia Mine Fire

Photo from February, 1983, showing a mine subsiding near a Centralia home. The mine fire is still burning in February, 2022. Photo #07-0048.

January 2022

Pursel Building in 1937

Market Square showing Pursel Building with lettering, December 1937. #22-0065

December 2021

Winter Scene

Winter scene with horse and wagon on snow-covered Market Street, Bloomsburg. #01-0114

November 2021

Wood Burning Engine

This photo of a wood-burning engine was taken around 1859 when coal was being mined near Catawissa on McAuley Mountain. The mining didn’t pan out, so it was given up. There was a train station in the area where the photo was taken. McAuley Mountain is the next ridge after going over River Hill, from Bloomsburg.

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