Photos of the Month

November 2019

Coal Dredging

Coal dredging on North Branch of the Susquehanna. November 29, 1918. #11-0051

September 2019

Magee Carpet and the Fairgrounds during Hurricane Eloise, September 26, 1975

Viewed from Autofab, photo of the Magee Carpet storage area and Bloomsburg Fairgrounds during Hurricane Eloise, September 26, 1975. #01-3139

August 2019

Rachel Inez Potts Ewing

Rachel Inez Potts Ewing, 1895-1997. This photo is part of a recent acquisition from the Potts/Trescott families. Many other photos of this family are being added to our collection. #49-0085

July 2019

Fire in Benton

July 4th, 1910 fire in Benton. Many buildings were lost. #02-0120

June 2019

St. Matthew's Lutheran Church Building Committee

A collection of photos from St. Matthew's Lutheran Church in the 1950s was donated to the Society by David Klees. One of them is shown here; the rest are on our Facebook page. If you can identify anyone not named in the photo below, please contact us.

David's description: "In the late 1950s, St. Matthew's added a major expansion to the church building, as we baby-boomers were overflowing the children's Sunday school. I would guess that this is the committee which was in charge of that building expansion, but I do not know for certain. I identify the following: front row, left to right: unknown; Dr. Fred Reese, physician; I am certain one of the Lawson sisters, either Miriam (7th grade history teacher at Bloomsburg Area Junior High School, died shortly after she retired) or Lois (social worker, I believe she lived to be in her 90s); they lived together, neither ever married; unknown.

Back row, left to right: unknown; Rev. James Singer, pastor; Edward D. Sharretts."

May 2019

Spring in the Country

May 30, 1948. Farmland with Cows.
It has long been said, “If cows are laying down, it’s going to rain.”
With six cows, if two are laying down, that’s a 30% chance of rain. Photo #01-2539.

April 2019

Fishing at Boone's Dam

April 15, 1951 Fishing at Boone's Dam, Bloomsburg. Photo #01-2770

March 2019

Class of 1900

Class of 1900, Bloomsburg Normal School, now Bloomsburg University. No list of names.
Displayed to show attire worn at that time. Photo #22-0002

February 2019

Businessmen's Association

Businessmen's Association Reorganization Banquet, February 21, 1913. Photo 40-0903.

January 2019

Yorks Mansion

The former site of a brick church, chewing gum factory and printing office, this property was purchased in 1903 by F. G. Yorks and torn down to make way for the mansion seen above during this winter scene. It remains one of the most stately homes in the town of Bloomsburg.

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