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November 2018

Remember Our Veterans

On this the 100th anniversary of the Armistice (11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, November 11, 1918), we take time to remember all our veterans. Cary Rhodomoyer, Society board member and volunteer provided this photo collage and his thoughts about his experience in Viet Nam:
"The photos show the aftermath from Hill 875, better known as Hamburger Hill. The 173rd Airborne Brigade was almost wiped out. More than 75% of the men were killed. I was a Crewchief-Doorgunner. I saw two Chinooks with Slingloads under them. When they got close, I noticed legs and arms sticking out of the cargo bags. That was the only way to get the casualties out of the jungle because there were so many of them. My worst battle."

October 2018

Central Columbia Class of 1970

This is the class photo for Espy Kindergarten class in 1957-1958. They would be Central Columbia Class of 1970. We have identified several of the children in the photo. If you can provide additional identification or corrections, please contact the webmaster at [email protected]. Top Row L-R: ?, Tom Richie, Chuck Lowe, ?, Mark Monroe, Ed Kessler. 2nd Row: ?, Danny Sneidman, ?, Joyce McHenry. 3rd Row: ?, ?, ?, ?, Doris Knittle, Kathy Bair, Steven Anderson. 4th Row: ?, ?, Wally Crossley, Jean Pegg, Carol Bowman, ?, ?. Many thanks!

September 2018

2011 Flood

It wasn't that long ago, and it keeps happening. This is one of a collection of 406 photos at the Society of the 2011 flood in September. Picture is of a house on West Main St., Bloomsburg, that was washed off its foundation because of the speed and amount of water. The damage to the area was so severe that it was the first time in the history of the Bloomsburg Fair that it was canceled. #CD-141

August 2018

Iola Cyclone

Barn destroyed during cyclone in Iola, August 30, 1905.

July 2018

Independence Day!

1916 Millville 4th of July Parade superimposed over current-day fireworks celebration.

June 2018

2006 Bloomsburg Flood

In the not too distant past, another flood hit Bloomsburg (west end of town in photo) in June of 2006. Photo #08-0050.

May 2018

May 1941

Snow cleaner on the railroad track.

January 2018

Eyers Grove School

Eyers Grove School 1933. Front Row: L to R: Jane Smith, Arthur Parker, Howard Magargle, Eugene Runyon, Helen Smith, Jean Lyons, Edith Earnest, Dot Lyons, Audrey Reichart, Ralph Lyons, Jr. Back Row: L to R: Mary Magargle, Yvonne Snelling, Willis Earnest, Robert Earnest, Harold DeMott, Harold Hartzel, Robert DeMott, Paul VanDine, Robert Eves. Photo #41-0058

December 2017

Special Speeding Ticket

Police Chief Ben Jacoby jokingly writes a speeding ticket to a gentleman in a sleigh on East Second St., Bloomsburg. Can anyone identify the man in the sleigh or the horse??

November 2017

Fifth Street School

Bloomsburg Fifth Street School - Fall 1900. Recess time - teacher, in cape, pointing in doorway. Dunkelberger Collection. Photo Number #05-0123.

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